Brake Hose Replacement

What is a Brake Hose?

Brake tubing carries the pressure to the brake units at the wheels. Since the wheels do not maintain a fixed relation to the automobile, it is necessary to use hydraulic brake hose from the end of the steel line at the vehicle frame to the caliper at the wheel. Allowing steel brake tubing to flex invites metal fatigue and, ultimately, brake failure. A common upgrade is to replace the standard rubber hoses with a set which are externally reinforced with braided stainless-steel wires. The braided wires have negligible expansion under pressure and can give a firmer feel to the brake pedal with less pedal travel for a given braking effort.

Symptoms of a failing Brake Hose

Diminished braking abilities, leaking hoses, break pedal not functioning.

Urgency of repair

The brakes are a fundamental component and the most important safety mechanism of every vehicle.
If your Brake Hoses are failing/malfunctioning/unresponsive, then checking the Brake Hoses is critical to a safe driving vehicle.