Brake System Flush

What is a Brake System?

In a brake system, when the brake pedal is pressed, a pushrod exerts force on the piston(s) in the master cylinder, causing fluid from the brake fluid reservoir to flow into a pressure chamber through a compensating port. This results in an increase in the pressure of the entire hydraulic system, forcing fluid through the hydraulic lines toward one or more calipers where it acts upon one or more caliper pistons sealed by one or more seated O-rings (which prevent leakage of the fluid). The hydraulic braking system is designed as a closed system: unless there is a leak in the system, none of the brake fluid enters or leaves it, nor does the fluid get consumed through use.

Symptoms for Brake System Flush

Diminished braking abilities, break pedal not functioning, dirty brake fluid.

Urgency of repair

The brakes are a fundamental component and the most important safety mechanism of every vehicle.
If your Brakes are failing/malfunctioning/unresponsive, then flushing the Brake System may be critical to a safe driving vehicle.